Laboratory (Sector) for Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Plasma Physics

The Sector is associated with Department of Astrophysics and Space Plasma Physics, Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Research topics


Former Head: Prof. Victor Trakhtengerts
Head: Dr. Andrei Demekhov
Chief Scientists: Prof. Peter Bespalov
Senior Scientists: Dr. Stanislav Davydenko
Dr. Dmitry Pasmanik
Scientists: Dr. Veronica Grach
Junior scientists: Dr. Evgeny Shirokov

Research projects

Current projects

Project title PI Funded by: Start End
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Objects in the Solar System and Stellar Planetary Systems. Transient and Explosive Processes in AstrophysicsL.M.Zelenyi,
A.G.Demekhov (for IAP RAS),
et al.
Presidium RAS 2016
P. A. BespalovRFBR 20112013
Yu.V.ChugunovRFBR 20122014
S.S.DavydenkoRFBR 20122014

Completed projects

Project title PI Funded by: Start End
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Objects in the Solar System and Stellar Planetary SystemsL.M.Zelenyi,
A.G.Demekhov (for IAP RAS)
et al.
Presidium RAS 20152015
Basic Problems of the Solar System ExplorationL.M.Zelenyi,
A.G.Demekhov (for IAP RAS)
et al.
Presidium RAS 20122014
Plasma Processes in the Solar SystemL.M.Zelenyi,
A.G.Demekhov (for IAP RAS)
et al.
BPS RAS 20042011
V.S.GrachRFBR 20122014
Generation of discrete electromagnetic emissions in the inner Earth's magnetosphere and their influence on energetic charged particlesA. G. Demekhov RFBR 20112013
The role of plasma-wave processes in acceleration, transfer, and losses of relativistic electrons in the Earth's radiation beltsA. G. Demekhov RFBR 20082010
Nonlocal self-consistent models of collective processes in the radiation belt regions of the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn P. A. Bespalov RFBR 20082010
Acceleration of energetic electrons and plasma heating in the Earth's magnetosphere and upper ionosphere due to the interactions with whistler and low-hybrid waves V.Y.Trakhtengerts RFBR 20052007
On the formation of the spatio-temporal characteristics of particle fluxes, electromagnetic fields and currents in the rotating magnetospheres P.A. BespalovRFBR 20052007
Origin and interrelation of discrete and noise-like ELF/VLF emissions in the Earth's magnetosphere, and their role in the acceleration and loss of radiation belt electrons D. Nunn
M. J. Rycroft
T. Turunen
INTAS 20042006
Nonlinear models of wave-particle interactions in the Earth magnetosphere V.Y.TrakhtengertsRFBR 20022004
Problems of electrodynamics and kinetics of particle flows in rotating planetary and stellar magnetospheres P.A. BespalovRFBR 20012003
Fine spatio-temporal correlations between discrete electromagnetic emissions and energetic particles in the near space environment D. Nunn
M. J. Rycroft
J. Manninen
INTAS 20012003
The ionospheric Alfvén resonator, ULF waves (0.1-10 Hz), and particle phenomena in the near-Earth environment T. Bösinger
J. Kangas
K. Stasiewisz
INTAS 20012003
Dynamics of Planetary and Stellar Magnetospheres with Account of Plasma Turbulence V.Y.TrakhtengertsRFBR 19992001
Interdependence of microprocesses and global dynamics of planetary and stellar plasma envelopes P.A. BespalovRFBR 19982000
Role of Plasma Instabilities in Dynamics of Earth's and Planetary Magnetospheres V.Y.Trakhtengerts RFBR 19961998
Studies of cyclotron wave-particle interactions in the magnetosphere and their effects T. Turunen
M. J. Rycroft
INTAS 19951997
Electrodynamic effects from the plasmasphere flows in magnetosphere of stars and planets P.A. BespalovRFBR 19951997
Wave-particle interactions in planetary ionospheres and magnetospheres V.Y.Trakhtengerts RFBR 19931995

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